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Perfecting the Chrissy Teigen Ponytail on my Wedding Day

I’m guessing every girl has a vision of her wedding day “look”. For me that look was definitely going to include a ponytail.  I wanted to look like “me” on my big day and there is nothing more “me” than when I’m sporting a pony. Now there are ponytails and then there are PONYTAILS.  Ponytails can be sleek and chic or messy with a beachy wave. As a Southern California girl there was really only one option for me :) ! My wedding day pony inspiration came from Chrissy Teigen…  she can do no wrong on the red carpet in my opinion. Not only does she kill it in the beachy waves game but she is the QUEEN of the beachy pony. I cannot tell you how many times I googled Chrissy Teigen ponytail before my big day. And thanks to Heath Hamilton (the hairdresser extraordinaire) that vision became my reality!  

Here is a photo diary of the evolution of my Chrissy Teigen inspired wedding day ponytail!


*My hair required a little bit of pre-wedding day prep…some highlights around my face and tape in hair extensions to add volume and length.




My Go-To Easter Sunday Outfit

My Ballpark Attire- 3.18.14