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How to Pack for a Weekend Away

San Diego will always be HOME! photo cred: Nico Poalillo

San Diego will always be HOME! photo cred: Nico Poalillo

While my hubby and I have 3 locations we call “home” during the year, I sometimes find myself heading “HOME” to San Diego (where I grew up) to see my family, friends & work. These trips are often 2 to 3 day affairs and I swear packing for these short getaways will be the death of me! Why is it always so much harder to pack for the trips with the shortest turn around? I can be an “over packer”, but can’t we all? I like clothes! I can also be indecisive and I like to be prepared for any circumstance. Additionally, I like to fit in a workout, which requires even MORE clothing & shoes!

I once read in Lauren Conrad’s book Style that the key to packing light is having outfits already picked out (i.e. try on your weekend’s clothing at home before you go on the trip). Although a bit time consuming, I think it’s a KEY element for packing light. Below are my 4 packing tips for a weekend getaway.


1. Research the Weather

Researching the weather for my destination is one of the first things I do! I always look at the high and low temperatures and pack accordingly. The Weather Channel app is great for finding hourly/daily/weekly temperatures.  

2. Play Dress-Up

Here’s where we do that whole “try your outfit on before you pack” routine. Okay, ignore my sarcasm because it really works! I play dress-up ALL THE TIME. I like to try on various outfits until I find the perfect one for each day and activity, assuming I know the itinerary. Playing dress-up will help you be a “more efficient packer”. Who knew there was such a thing! I use this tip during the work-week as well. I play dress-up the night before so I have my outfit picked out and set for the morning. I am sure we have all experienced thinking we know what we’re going to wear to an event then realizing for whatever reason that outfit just won’t work. We then frantically try on a dozen outfits before we “settle” and are left feeling dissatisfied not to mentioned rushed. I hate that feeling! I can guarantee that if you pick out your clothing in advance, you will feel less stressed and more confident no matter where you’re headed! 

3. Repeat essentials

Fashion guru Tim Gunn has 10 essentials that every woman should have in their closet. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites in the parentheses!

  1. Basic black dress
  2. Trench coat
  3. Classic dress pants (tapered)
  4. Classic white shirt
  5. Skirt (maxi!)
  6. Blazer (boyfriend or fitted)
  7. Day dress (floral)
  8. Sweater (over sized… always)
  9. Jeans (skinny + flared)
  10. Alternative Sweatsuit (for me, my Graced by Grit Leggings & Zip Up!)

A key to packing efficiently is repeating essentials in multiple outfits.  Try wearing your classic white shirt with jeans & tennies by day and a blazer & wedges or pumps by night.  Then switch those jeans for a maxi skirt or throw an oversized cardigan on top to utilize 1 classic piece in 4 different looks. I always pack a little black dress as well. I can dress it down with sandals or tennies then vamp it up for a dinner date with wedges & a tapered blazer. And remember those workout leggings aren’t just for working out… wear them with your oversized sweater and boots for a cute fall look! 

4. Be Shoe Smart

By shoe smart I mean don’t bring an unnecessary number of shoes.  Ugh, this sucks right? If you are anything like me shoes are EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, the more shoes the heavier the suitcase.  My shoe picks depend on my destination, the weather, and my plans for the weekend. In the summer months I like to bring a pair of wedges, sandals and running shoes (ALWAYS). In the fall and winter months, I pack a pair of boots or booties, heeled clogs, and running shoes (ALWAYS). See what I did there? There’s ALWAYS time for exercise, right girls? Running shoes are a Fit Meets Fab Essential!


So there you have it, my 4 packing tips for a weekend away. I know packing light isn’t easy, but it IS possible!  


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