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Welcome to my blog where I document my adventures in my life on the go. You'll find lots of recipes, wellness hacks, and style tips.  Enjoy!

What I Eat in a Day


Either A. Bowl of pro-oatmeal B. My CocoDateNut energy balls or C. Bulletproof Coffee


Green Juice (a few of my favorites here) or a Green Smoothie. My snack usually depends on what I ate before my workout! If I had oatmeal, then I keep my snack light with a green juice. If I just had a bite of a protein bar or an energy ball, I will have a protein smoothie after my workout!


Either A. Paleo Egg Salad w/ a side of veggies or a side spinach salad. Or B. Egg White Veggie Scramble or C. Protein Acai Bowl or D. Poached eggs & Avocado toast


An Apple, Celery w/ Peanut Butter, or 1/4 cup raw mixed nuts.


Usually depends on what Andrew & I are craving. During the season I almost always bring a big salad with me to the field to eat for dinner, something similar to my Roasted Veggie Salad.  Another way I like to get tons of veggies for dinner is to make Stir Fry... if I don't want the carbs sometimes I will eat mine with Shirataki noodles instead. In the offseason we eat a lot of soup. We also like to BBQ and make the simplest meal on the planet, a grilled piece of meat or fish, a baked sweet potato w/ a side salad OR a side of green veggies (broccolini, asparagus or Brussels sprouts). 


I have dessert every night as I have a serious sweet tooth! However I have learned to satisfy my cravings with reasonably nutritional choices.  Occasionally I will have a cookie (ok more like cookies), SO Delicious dairy free ice cream with berries & cinnamon, or BOOMCHICKAPOP kettle corn. More often than not though, I curb this sweet tooth of mine with a cup of tea, or a glass of Kombucha, or a cup of fruit (usually some type of melon or mixed berries). 


Well, that's pretty much it. There is really nothing too complicated about my meal plan. I choose to eat whole healthy foods to fuel my body day in and day out! 




What I Bring to a Baseball Game

Maggie's CocoDateNut Energy Balls