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What I Bring to a Baseball Game

- A look into the “Queen of Snacking’s” purse… big purse… I bring the biggest purse I own to the ballpark just to fit all my snacks! 


  1. Unopened bottle of water- (I buy the biggest one at the store, usually a 50 oz. Smartwater). My goal is to drink all 50 ounces by the end of the game. Plus, the 50 oz. bottle costs less than the 17 oz. bottle does at the ballpark! Ha!
  2. Sunflower seeds or pistachios- these are a time passer... If the game goes in to extra innings or I just need to satisfy a salty craving, these nuts or seeds do the trick
  3. A meal- whether it's a day or night game, I usually bring a meal with me, that is if I don't eat prior to the game. A 9-inning baseball game can take anywhere from 2.5-4+ hours... And since I get hungry almost every 3 hours, I like to be prepared. Generally, I will bring a salad that I’ve pre-made, which includes tons of veggies, nuts and maybe some chicken. I try to avoid things like fish, eggs, beans, & anything else stinky!
  4. An apple- for my sweet tooth... naturally I prepare for this too :) Plus apples are super easy to travel with! 

Most ballparks allow you to bring in your own food and unopened plastic beverage. I generally try and look up the “outside food & beverages rules” online before going to a new field! Call me crazy, but I’d much rather be prepared than be STARVING at the game. No one likes a hungry girl! And hunger leads to poor food choices. We all know how hard it can be to say no to the delicious smell of pretzels, churros and popcorn!


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