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Happy St. Patrick's Day: How to Eat Green All Day Long


Growing up my mom always made us green eggs and ham on St. Patty's day! I’ve kept the tradition but given my scramble a bit healthier spin by eliminating the ham & green food dye and adding a handful of spinach instead! It cooks down and mixes in beautifully with eggs! Topped with avocado, green salsa & green onion and you're ready to go! Or try adding some pesto! Need another tasty green breakfast option? Try my latest Green Paleo Protein Pancake recipe!


Green juice! (See my favorites here)


Green Protein Smoothie! Perfect after a mid-morning workout. See some of my favorite recipes, here  here  & here !


Granny Smith apple or celery & peanut butter or a handful of pistachios or homemade kale chips with roasted pepita seeds! 


As an Irish girl I feel compelled to encourage you all to eat a bit of corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day... BUT as a girl who doesn't eat beef... I'll give you another green option :) …  Pesto shrimp on a bed of quinoa noodles w/ chopped asparagus, broccolini & sautéed spinach (recipe here)  OR a nice big green salad!


Green grapes with a cup of green tea! OR mint chip ice cream, after all it is St. Patrick’s Day! 


You see… it’s actually pretty easy to eat green all day long. And to be honest… this meal plan looks a lot like my daily eating routine!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!






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