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Pantry/Fridge Staples For Those On The Go

Below are the 5 items we always have in our pantry/fridge no matter where we live!

Suja's Uber Greens, 6g sugar per serving!

Suja's Uber Greens, 6g sugar per serving!

1.     Green Juice- whether it’s Suja, Evolution, Forager, or Pressed Juicery, we always have some sort of green juice in our fridge. A day is not complete in my book without my daily dose of greens. I always shoot to drink a green juice with less than 6g of sugar per serving. Make sure you read your labels!

2.     Eggs- The easiest source of protein ever! We like to keep one carton of eggs to cook and another carton that are only hard boiled. Hard boiled eggs are a great grab and go snack!

3.     Turkey Jerky- Turkey jerky satisfies my salt cravings like no other. Be sure to check the sodium content on the nutrition label, this protein rich snack is loaded with salt. I eat it sparingly now, after my mom told me her horror story of having super swollen hands and feet after eating the whole bag! Despite the salt, it’s a great snack and something I like to keep in my car or purse in case hunger strikes!

Wrigley & Scout love jerky too!

Wrigley & Scout love jerky too!

5.     Raw Mixed Nuts- Here is our great source of healthy fats! I like to keep a mixture of raw almonds & walnuts in our pantry. Sometimes I add dried cranberries to the mixture for another sweet & salty combo. Most recently I’ve been loving Target’s Archer Farms raw unsalted mixed nuts. The 30oz carton contains, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, & hazelnuts. YUM!

4.     Organic Fuji Apples- Is it just me or do organic Fuji’s taste SO much better than the regular? I love storing my apples in the fridge. It keeps them cool and crisp. Most times I pair my apple with a few bites of turkey jerky, creating the best sweet and salty combo!

Well there you have it, 5 of our pantry/fridge must haves. Did you notice a common theme among them all? They all can be consumed ON.THE.GO! :)

XX Maggie

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