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Saying Goodbye to Spring Training 2016

I always look forward to coming to Scottsdale for Spring Training. It’s a great city! But 6-weeks later I’m always ready to move on to our next destination. I guess I really am cut out for this nomad lifestyle! Lucky for us the weather has been beautiful during our stay. Our dogs got to enjoy the great outdoors, we hiked Camelback Mountain a handful of times & Andrew was back on the baseball field after having season ending surgery last September. I visited a number of stadiums, ate a ton of kettle corn, & reconnected with lots of familiar faces. It was a nice 6-weeks. But now Andrew and I are both ready to get back to our native state, California! Here’s a little photo diary of our Spring Training 2016.

Seaside Soirée-My San Diego Bridal Shower

Scout & Wrigley in a New City (Spring Training Edition pt. 2)