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Happy Birthday Scout!

It's days like today that I find myself looking back over the many wonderful things that happened in 2015. Getting married is obviously the highlight but I have to admit getting another dog is a close second. For those of you that don’t know the story, here it is:

Andrew and I left for our Big Sur Honeymoon 3 days after our wedding. We were all set to spend 4 nights in a Tree House at Post Ranch Inn. Andrew and I agreed to turn off our phones and leave the outside world behind.  We simply enjoyed the breathtaking views and each other’s company. It was during this time that we found ourselves revisiting the idea of adopting another dog.  We had talked about adding another pup for months but ultimately thought it was best to ditch the whole 2 dog idea given our crazy lifestyle. As we sat talking, we thought wellllll …the wedding is behind us… we’ve moved into our new home… so what’s holding us back from expanding our little family. We sort of forgot about the whole living in 3 cities throughout the year thing! Anyway, for those of you that know Andrew, you know that when his mind gets on something, he often can’t let it go. Case in point, we left our honeymoon early to pick up a puppy. Yep you heard that right, we left our beautiful Big Sur views to drive to Farmington and pick up an adorable four-month old German Shorthaired Pointer. To be honest, once we tossed around the idea of getting another dog that was all we could think about. We were so excited to expand our family and surprise everyone with doggie #2.  We didn’t think twice about cutting the honeymoon short.

I love telling this story to people because it is truly a prime example of how we live our life. We are total go-with-the-flow people and love doing impulsive things. Well Andrew more than me, one of us has to think rationally every now and then ;) If you were to ask us, “would we do your honeymoon any differently”, we would say absolutely not. If you were to ask us, “do you ever regret getting another dog” and again we’d say absolutely not. Scout has been one of the best decisions Andrew and I have made as a married couple.

Not only does Scout keep, Wrigley, our 3-year-old Vizsla company, he makes our family complete. Wrigley is my running buddy while Scout can head to the Duck Club with Andrew to hunt on the weekends (hence why we sent him away for 4 months of training). Now that we have Scout back, my little family is finally whole again.

Scout has kept life interesting with his bladder issues, entropion eye issues, and overall “pig pen” personality, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is the biggest lover, the best bird pointer, and has the cutest wiggle butt you’ve ever seen. We could not imagine life or family without Scout. I am forever grateful that my impulsive husband changed the Honeymoon agenda and we picked up our baby “Cout”.  Instead of one more night of beautiful views, we’ve had months of puppy fun!

Happy 1st Birthday Scout!

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