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How I Failed in my Own No-Added Sugar Challenge & Why I Don't Feel too Bad About It

I put together a 7-day no added sugar challenge for the girls in my Kayla Itsines BBG group. My thought was to add a little extra nutrition push during our 12-week fitness program. In my opinion, to get the best results from this program you HAVE TO eat clean. I figured cutting sugar for a week was a good place to start. I did great Monday-Friday on my challenge. I didn't drink Kombucha w/ any added sugars, I ate very little processed food, and I even baked my husband cookies without eating one myself. 

But…sometimes the eating goals we set fall short because being in the moment and living life is more important. I challenged my accountability group to give up added sugars for 7 days, just 7 DAYS, and guess who didn't complete the challenge, me! And you know what, I’m not going to beat myself up for it. 

We are living in a world where we are constantly looking for the new fad diet or how to lose the last 5 pounds. I am guilty too believe me. But all of this juicing, fasting and detoxing can go a little too far. Don't you agree? When I was approached to make dessert for a small dinner party I happily said yes, even though I knew I was participating in a No Sugar Challenge. I thought about not eating the dessert that I prepared for the small group (4 guests) and well…that seemed a little weird to me. I've never wanted to be “that person” who makes others around me feel uncomfortable with my eating habits. When there's a food allergy or intolerance involved passing up bread, cheese, nuts, etc… is a must & participating in something like The Whole 30 where one piece of food could screw up your entire months’ worth of elimination, then yes, passing on dessert to steer clear of the “sugar dragon” is totally cool. But this was not one of those situations.

I am one of those people though that once I start eating sugar I cannot stop. So, part of the reason I wanted to cut sugar cold turkey was to stop the cravings. I did great Monday-Friday but Saturday night at the dinner party I had a piece of my homemade GF/DF chocolate bark, a Simple Mills chocolate chip cookie, and a scoop of my homemade avocado ice cream. Ok I know I know, I probably ate the healthiest version of dessert I could, but still, all of the items contained added sugars. And I vowed to not eat those things for 7 days. Although I may have let my accountability group down, I'd rather be open and honest and say IT’S OK TO FAIL. Just because I profess to eat a clean diet doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a chocolate chip cookie on a Saturday night with my family & friends. That's part of life & part of being in the moment with the people around you. And guess what, I didn't continue to eat pounds and pounds of the sweets, I stopped after a piece and I am proud of myself for that. 

The fact that I limited myself to a taste of each dessert and even passed on the homemade REAL DEAL chocolate chip cookies is a win in my book. So, to my accountability group, I hope I didn't totally let you down. I also hope that you’ll take a page from my book and start looking at your relationship with food. Use food as fuel for your body. Eat real whole healthy foods that make you feel good. And if you are approached with a chocolate chip cookie in the middle of a food challenge, please eat the dang cookie. Life is too short!



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