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Scout & Wrigley in a New City (Spring Training Edition pt. 2)

While Scout is thoroughly enjoying his time at hunting school in Buckeye AZ, Wrigley is LOVING Scottsdale and being an only child once again.  I’m not saying that Wrigley doesn’t miss his little brother... but let’s be honest, a little extra mommy time is right up this pup’s alley. Wrigley and I get a run in almost every other day.  On our off days we’ve been enjoying hikes up Camelback Mountain and play dates at the dog park with Whiskey Strickland! As for Scout, well… Andrew and I got a chance to visit our little pup last week and see him in action! He is as high energy as ever but in puppy heaven out in the open fields of the hunting club.

Here are some more photos of our two pups in Arizona!

Saying Goodbye to Spring Training 2016

Happy Birthday to my Husband!