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A Busy Bee’s Guide to Healthy Habits During the Work Crunch

The last two weeks have been consumed with working two charity events, one in New Orleans, LA & the other in Austin, TX with preparations and planning in the San Diego office. Now that I am back home in Nor Cal and settling in for the summer, I realize my mind and body were in a much different place these past couple of weeks. I preach eating healthy and exercising on the road, but to be honest, it got tough this last road trip. With late nights and early mornings, finding the time to exercise was a challenge. BUT per my usual, I did find time to attend Orangetheory and squeeze in a couple of beach runs with my sister while in San Diego. And although I didn’t find myself in the gym on event weekends in New Orleans and Austin, I did make sure to keep my eating habits in check , well almost …all but the beignet I had at Café Du Monde!

This sparked the idea of sharing the four steps I took to keep my healthy habits alive and well during my most chaotic time of the year.

1      Find time to move every dang day: whether it’s walking from meeting to meeting, walking to the venue for an event, or actually finding the time to jump on the treadmill in the hotel, moving my body was a must! Not only was it the healthy thing to do, it totally kept me SANE during a weekend filled with around the clock phone calls, emails, organizing & entertaining!

2      EAT EAT EAT: It’s one thing that sounds so easy to remember yet was often the last thing on my radar screen. There were days I found myself looking at the clock around 1pm and realizing all I had eaten was a smoothie. Lucky for me I always keep an apple, a pack of nuts, and a power bar close by for the mid-afternoon munchies! Those that know me, know that snacking is my middle name.

3      Liquidology: I kept my 40oz Hydroflask nearby filled with some good old fashion H20.  This helped off-set my crunch-time caffeine intake (unsweetened coffee & green tea, of course)!

4      Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go: Breathe, because seriously a few deep breaths throughout the day improves circulation, provides the immune system with increased energy, and clams the nervous system! … Stretch because this too will relieve the body of tension & increase energy levels. Shake out those hands & fingers often helping to avoid cramping or worse, carpel tunnel syndrome! Let go of worry. I quieted my mind for a few minutes each day and remind myself that everything ALWAYS works out in the end. What seems chaotic is really just positive energy bringing everything together!

While these four steps are actually 4 physical activities, for me they require more mental discipline than anything else.  Setting yourself up with these 4 goals and reminding yourself to follow through will make crunch time chaos 100% doable, even enjoyable at times!



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