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A Baseball Gypsy's Baseball Countdown, 4 weeks

Okay, here's the latest update... we found a place to stay during Spring Training! Hip-hip-hooray! Last year we lucked out with a lovely one bedroom condo in North Scottsdale for a great price. This year we had no such luck on sites like Air BnB, Home Away, and VRBO. Everything was booked or the prices were a bit too STEEP.

When we realized that the team hotel was an extended stay, we booked it right away. If I have a kitchen I am happy! I won’t go into too much detail, but a few years ago we stayed in a standard hotel room that just had a mini fridge and a microwave. I brought a blender and pretty much drank liquid meals for breakfast & lunch and we ate out nearly every night. NO BUENO!!

Since booking the team hotel, we made the executive decision to leave our fur babies behind this spring. While the hotel allows animals, it just doesn't seem fair to keep two big dogs cooped up in a small hotel room all day. So, Wrigley and Scout get to stay at their grandpa & grandma’s house in San Diego for 6 whole weeks!!! Sorry mom and dad :)

I’ve slowly started checking off boxes on my things to do list. It's funny how I tend to wait until the LAST minute to get things done on my personal list, things that could have been taken care of over the past 4 months. Oh, well! This week I've checked off doctor appointments, getting my oil changed, making extra house keys, & prepping the house for our 8-month departure. I am also taking additional time to get ahead on my job. Chipping away at this list one box at a time, it should be done in no time! 



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