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A Baseball Gypsy's Baseball Countdown... 4 days

I wrote this post a few days after Andrew was traded last summer. I had a lot on my mind, many mixed feelings, and I felt the need to write them down. Here we are 6 months later heading to Spring Training where my husband will be wearing a new color BLUE and reporting to a new organization THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS! To say I am excited is an understatement. The Brewer family welcomed us last September with open arms and we cannot wait to get back and experience a full season with this thriving organization. So, without further ado here is my heartfelt post written at the trade deadline, reflecting on our time with the Giants organization, and what lies ahead! CHEERS!!!

My take on the trade deadline, our time with the Giants, and what lies ahead…

My husband Andrew was traded August 1 from the San Francisco Giants to the Milwaukee Brewers. Over the month of July, I watched a whole lot of MLB Network & refreshed my Twitter page like a mad woman. I followed MLB writers, beat writers, ESPN broadcasters, pretty much any source of trade information. Sound familiar ladies?

One thing I’ve learned over the past 5 years, in a baseball career… trade rumors happen daily. I felt rather certain during the last 2 seasons that Andrew was likely on the trade block. Why? Well, his name swirled around the rumor mill all the time and let’s face it, he was backing up the best catcher in baseball. I am certainly grateful that he didn't get traded that 2014 season though… and we all know why :)

This year when the trade deadline approached, I tried to take a wait and see attitude. Easier said than done. I kept imaging my life in each city the Giants were rumored to be talking with.  East coast, west coast, I knew no matter what… life would be very different if we were no longer with the Giants organization.

For those of you who don't know, Andrew grew up a Giant’s fan. As a Sacramento native he’s always loved the Giants, Barry Bonds & even wore orange and black in college at Oregon State. We met at OSU, so black and orange runs deep. I too am a California native, born and raised in sunny San Diego. With that said, we have felt fortunate to be a part of a California organization at the start of Andrew’s career.

Shortly after the All-Star Break in 2014, Andrew got called up to the MLB, a phone call that I will never forget. A life changing phone call turned into a life-changing year. That July call up lead to so many incredible experiences, a playoff berth, countless champagne showers, traveling to new cities around the country, a World Series ring, a Halloween World Series ticker tape parade, and even a trip to the White House! But it didn’t end there; the incredible year was topped off with Andrew proposing to me in Maui, Hawaii.  This will forever be one of the best year's of our lives!

We would go on to spend 2 more wonderful years with this terrific organization and with the great friends we met there until… Sunday July 31st , 2016. 
At that time Andrew was playing with the AAA Rivercats, the team had an early evening game, which meant I was able to have dinner and dessert with my husband; baseball ladies, you know how rare this is. What we didn't know was that this would be Andrew's last day in a Rivercat uniform and with the Giant’s organization!

Bittersweet might be the best way to sum up the trade…

All the Twitter refreshing, MLB network watching finally meant something to our family. Every year I’ve watched as players and their families have had to leave friends, move to new cities, new teams, and entirely new environments. What we don’t see is the scrambling, the phone calls, the text messages, the goodbyes, and THE LAUNDRY on trade day. So 24 hours after the “you’ve been traded phone call”, I dropped off Scout and Wrigley at my wonderful in-laws and jumped on a plane to follow Andrew to Colorado Springs. The rest is history.

The baseball life we’ve lived thus far has been nothing short of blessed. I’ve used the words fortunate and blessed often because there is no other way to look at it. We spent 5 years in the state where we both grew up, surrounded by family and friends. Andrew fulfilled his childhood dream of playing for the San Francisco Giants. And talk about blessings, he won a World Series ring his first year in the Major Leagues. We had to look no further than across the clubhouse to see just how fortunate we were.  It was humbling to watch Tim Hudson, who had played 16 years in the MLB, finally celebrate a World Series Championship. 

So yes… it's bittersweet that we will no longer be wearing the orange and black. But Andrew could not be more excited to begin the next chapter in his MLB career.  He feels fortunate to have been acquired by the Brewers and the opportunities that this move can bring him.  I too am excited to explore new cities and meet new friends!

Let the next chapter begin!



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