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A Baseball Gypsy's Baseball Countdown, 3 weeks

With just under 3 weeks to go my mind has been RACING with the list of things to do! Since we are renting our house out during the season, I want it to be in tiptop shape by the time we leave. House rules need to be written, glassware labeled, & dog poop to be picked up. Lots of dog poop....

Andrew is leaving for the weekend for Milwaukee for the “Brewers on Deck” event so I have the house & dogs to myself alllll weekend long! Usually that means lots of yoga in the living room, lots of chick flicks being watched, and a few warm Epsom salt bubble baths! This weekend though I have a different agenda.

  1. Study for my AFAA CERTIFICATION
  2. Pack my closet for 8 months (still don't know how to do this efficiently, it usually ends up with me cleaning out my closet & bringing far too much stuff!)
  3. Pack & organize my work file cabinet
  4. Back up my desktop computer to my laptop (this always stresses me out)
  5. Get tax documents in order
  6. Fix my iPhone, I shattered the screen
  7. Pack home gym equipment (yep you bet that trampoline is coming with me)
  8. Get car washed & vacuumed before I pack it full
  9. Laundry.... so much laundry

And that's just the stuff I want to accomplish over the weekend! You probably are wondering why I am doing this with 3 weeks to go. Well because I am actually leaving for the baseball season on February 5! My typical Spring Training excursion has me leaving Roseville in the wee hours of the morning to beat LA traffic and to get to my parent’s house in San Diego around noon. I then stay in SD for a full week before departing for Arizona and spring training (SD friends text or DM me if you wanna workout together)! This gives me a lot of good quality time with my friends and family & to check in at work every day. My bosses return to San Diego after the Super Bowl for the football off-season so I am able to spend a significant amount of time with them planning our charity events that take place in the spring months!

It works out quite well that the football off-season begins during the start of the baseball season. Andrew is so busy preparing for the upcoming season that I have more time alone to focus on my job. Like I have mentioned before, I am so lucky to have a job with this kind of flexibility. I can travel with my husband, live in three different cities, and get my work done from wherever we are. Plus, I am employed by an incredible family that is not only fun to be around but a true privilege to work for.

So currently my home-office looks like a bomb blew up with work files scattered, flash cards spread across the floor and coffee cups everywhere. My goal is to have my list completed by the time Andrew gets back from Milwaukee Sunday night :) Ready, set, go!





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