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A Baseball Gypsy's Baseball Countdown, 2 Weeks

Holy shnikes!!!! LESS THAN TWO WEEKS TO GO UNTIL ANDREW REPORTS TO ARIZONA FOR SPRING TRAINING. I swear the off-season flies by soooo quick! If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, I’m happy to report that I checked off ALMOST all of the things on my to-do list.

First things first, guess who passed her AFAA Group Fitness Certification with a 92%... ME! You are looking at your next fitness instructor. Boooom baby! I am so pumped to have this certification and to start working on certifications in specific group fitness models. Now I just need to nail down exactly what it is that I most want to TEACH!!

So, back to the to-do list… Things are done and packed up. My closet is packed in about 4 bags, 2 for Spring Training 2 for the rest of the year. My home office is packed and organized with my files for work. Tax documents have been sent to the accountant. iPhone screen is fixed, a hundred dollars later. My home gym equipment is still in use (need to get my sweat on before the road trip), and I’m finally ALL CAUGHT UP ON LAUNDRY. But the biggest thing I got checked off the list is definitely my AFAA Certification!

So, with all that done, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the wonderful off-season we spent in our Roseville home. Andrew & I bought a house together in 2015 just before we were married and this year we got to spend another off-season in our home. It feels so good to say HOME and to have “that place” to come back to every off-season.

We decided not to take a grand off-season vacation, but rather to do some fixer-upper stuff around the house. This year was all about landscaping. We tore out the grass, laid new sod down in the front yard, and turfed & river rocked our backyard. BEST DECISION EVER. No more muddy paws on our floors and COUCH!  

We did take a small weekend trip to Donner Lake for our anniversary. It was beautiful. We enjoyed exploring downtown Truckee, going to dinner on the water in Tahoe, and catching up on our SLEEP! Donner is our favorite getaway spot no matter the season. It’s only 70 miles from our home, which makes for a quick and easy weekend getaway! Wait did I say Anniversary? I can’t believe we have been married one YEAR!!

Andrew made plenty of trips to his duck club this off-season and I was lucky enough to tag along now and then. The best trip was ringing in the New Year, Duck Club style, with my favorite people; sister Kate, her boyfriend Greg, my best friend Vanessa and her boyfriend Justin and of course Andrew! We had a blast enjoying the great outdoors. I even tried duck again and I still do not like it. Oh well, everyone else enjoyed it! Including puppy Scout!

We hosted Christmas again this year, which is becoming one of my favorite family traditions. Mom, dad, and Kate came up for about a week to celebrate the holiday with us in NorCal. My mom and I stay busy in the kitchen baking up a storm during the days leading up to Christmas. This might be my favorite thing to do all year! Although the annual Christmas Day pick-up basketball game might be the best new tradition! It’s been great to have a combined Christmas the past two years with Andrew’s big Croatian family. They have welcomed and embraced my side of the family and my family has welcomed and embraced new traditions. It really does feel like one big happy family; I feel truly blessed! :)

We had a pretty quiet January. I spent a week in San Diego with the Currie’s during a very difficult time. I was so glad I flew down to surprise Vanessa on her birthday and had the chance to say my final goodbyes to my second daddy, Tom. As some of you know Tom had been battling cancer for about 4 years before passing on January 11. He has been a father figure to me since I was 6 and I feel so blessed to have known him these past 20 years. I will have a part of him with me always from the lessons he taught me, the love he shared, and my beautiful wedding rings he created. I will miss him terribly but I look forward to seeing his legacy live on in my beautiful best friend Vanessa.

I am looking forward to spending my final week of the off-season at “home” in San Diego. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to spend a week in San Diego at my parent’s house visiting with family and friends and check in at the office before the crazy busy event season and baseball season begin. I will check in with you all in the next few days when we officially shut the door on the 2016/17 off-season. Cheers!








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