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Airport Essential #5: Carry-On Knick Knacks

As we approach the end of my Airport Essential Series I'd like to take a quick look back and remind everyone of the first four essentials:

  1. A good book

  2. Healthy snacks

  3. Water 

  4. A comfy outfit

And now for what might be the "funnest" and 5th Essential(s), I bring you knick-knacks. You know, those extra things in my carry-on bag… better known as my big ass purse!  I've always been told that I have a mom purse or a Mary Poppins bag:) If someone's looking for “it”, I usually have “it” in my purse!

My  Carry-On Knick Knacks are as followed:

Wet wipes- my mom, the kindergarten teacher, taught me the importance of wet wipes (just think about her job!) A day doesn't go by where those suckers aren't used. Whether it's wiping my hands after eating an apple, wiping down the airplane tray and seatbelt, or anything else that's germ infested, wet wipes win… always!

Hand sanitizer- see above! I also use this after shaking someone's hand or when sitting next to someone that is coughing & sneezing the entire flight! Ugh!

Tide to go pen- the queen of snacking (Me) is bound to spill at some point on a bumpy flight. Tide to go pens are literally my best friend.

Lotion- I like carrying a mini bottle of lotion. I feel refreshed after a long flight if I apply a bit to my arms and legs just before deplaning. Remember only 3oz. allowed in your carry on!

Perfume- I always keep a perfume roller in my purse. The better I smell the better I feel!

Chapstick- A purse staple always. Pretty self-explanatory, especially when heading to a dry climate!

Gum- No one wants to sit next to the person with bad breath, but remember to chew quietly.

Mints- See above. A wonderful alternative to gum and not nearly as annoying to the person sitting next to you!

 Band aids- Just in case...you know a blister or cut. Better to be prepared!

Tampons- hey girl heyyyyy :)

Floss- I looooove flossing! This will get anything out of your teeth from all the healthy snacking you'll be doing :)

Tissues- I am an allergy sufferer and no one likes a sniffer… sooo I keep tissues around, always!

This list may seem long, but ALL these items fit into one small pouch! And…I’m always thankful I have them when I’m thousands of miles up in the air! 

So there you have it…the five essentials to feeling Fit & looking Fab on your next flight!

Thanks for following along!



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