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Airport Essential #4: A Comfy Outfit

It is ironic that as I sat down to write the fourth installment in the Airport Essentials series another article caught my eye in Who What Wear “The Real Way Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Looks Great at the Airport”. It’s true Rosie always looks good. She is a major style icon and I have had a total girl crush on her as of late. I even chopped off my hair after my wedding 6 months ago with her hairstyle in mind. I couldn’t help but to click on the link to this article because 1. Rosie rocks (as I mentioned) and 2. I travel SO much that I love any advice on looking good at the airport.

The best part of all this is… Rosie dresses up strictly to go in and out of the airport, as she knows she will be photographed by the paparazzi. She then changes into a more comfortable outfit once she gets on the plane. What’s her comfy outfit? A t-shirt, cotton lounge pants, a cardigan, and her fiancée’s socks! Like she could be any cuter.

Since most of us don’t have to worry about being photographed by the paparazzi, I’ll give you my tips on looking great and feeling comfortable when traveling by plane! My look is probably as comfortable as Rosie’s airplane outfit, but it’s a little more polished. Lucky for us, athleisure is the go to look these days!

  1. Comfortable outfit- I usually travel in black leggings. My go-to? Graced By Grit’s Everything Leggings. These leggings literally are EVERYTHING! They are comfortable, they can be dressed up or down and they are universally flattering! I like to pair these pants with my Graced By Grit Kate tank. I love the cut of this high neck tank.  It too is flattering and can be dressed up or down! In the spring and summer months I will rock the tank alone. In the fall and winter, I will throw on a jacket or a wrap.
  2. Comfortable shoes, you choose: booties, tennies, or sandals. Again the time of year determines my shoes. You won’t catch me wearing my booties on a flight to Florida in the summer, but you will see me wearing them pretty much anywhere else. Another go-to look on short flights is sandals, often my Birkenstocks. While I like traveling in style, I also like walking as much as I can at the airport, knowing that I will be stuck on a plane for the next few hours.
  3. A jacket or wrap: Is it just me or can airplanes get REALLY cold?! I love Rosie’s trick of traveling with a cozy pair of socks. Whether I am wearing my jacket or tying it around my waste, it’s essential to have one when traveling by plane. Sometimes I don’t even wear it on the plane, I just use it as a blanket while I nap during the flight. My black leather jacket is generally my first choice but if I’m on a longer flight, I prefer something a little cozier like an oversized chunky sweater or wrap! In the summer months I usually bring along a chambray shirt or my light army jacket. All these options pair well with my Graced By Grit Everything Leggings and Kate Tank! Good thing I have the tank in so many colors!!
  4. A hat: The one accessory I can’t live without. I love hats! I love wide brimmed hats, ball caps, trucker hats, straw hats, rancher hats, you name it and I probably own it. Not only is wearing a hat the answer to a bad hair day but also a no makeup day… AND perfect when you want to cover your face for a nap. Hats are so versatile. It’s also an easy marker for the person picking you up from the airport. I usually tell Andrew, my mom, friend, or Uber driver, “I am the blonde girl in the big hat”! It works every time. If I am going for an athletic look you will probably catch me in my Graced By Grit trucker hat or SF Giants ball cap. If I want to look a little more polished, I will 100% be in my Janessa Leone Lola hat, considering I pretty much live in that thing! Either way I always have a hat with me.

So there you have it, my travel outfit staples! For me the most important thing is being comfortable on the plane. I hate feeling cold or unprepared. These essentials get me through my travel days worry free and help me look good on the go!



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