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Airport Essential #3: Water

As I mentioned in my previous post, snacks are an ESSENTIAL while traveling. And water is too! We all know that water is necessary to live. But did you know that water is vital while traveling? One reason we can feel jet lagged is due to dehydration. That’s why I keep a water bottle with me at all times. I like to bring my own reusable water bottle so I can refill it at my convenience. My latest obsession is… the S’well water bottle. I have more reusable water bottles than any one person should have… but the S’well bottle is definitely my favorite.

A S’well bottle ranges from $25-$45 in price depending on the size of the bottle. I was lucky enough to be given mine at a Christmas gift exchange with my BFFs. So you might ask, why are these S’well bottles so great?

S’well bottles are beautifully crafted composed of non-leaching and non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel, that keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, while giving back to those in need. S’well is a charitable community member and proud partner of charitable organizations.

I definitely find cold water more appetizing and will drink larger quantities when it is cold. So for me this bottle works really well, AND if I can help those in need with my purchase that is an added bonus!

Here is my typical water routine on an air travel day:

  1. I drink a bottle as I am heading to the airport and finish it while standing in the security line.
  2. I then look for a fountain or refill station at the airport once I’ve made it through security. If it’s a longer wait or layover I may drink that bottle and refill again.  I always make sure to factor in a bathroom break before boarding.
  3. I will finish that bottle on the plane…. If it’s a lengthy flight, I will drink water from the airline’s beverage service as well.
  4. Upon arrival, I look for another refilling station. I am then fully loaded and ready for the rest of my day!

This sounds like a lot of water and bathroom breaks doesn’t it? Well it is, but for me it’s worth the quick trip to the restroom to be hydrated during my travel day. People often forget to drink water while they fly. Keeping a bottle with you at all times to refill throughout your travel day is not only cost effective, but it’s good for your health. You’ll have glowing skin, more energy, a healthier gut, and have eliminated toxins! Who doesn’t want that? I know I do!

Be sure to tune in next week for my next airport essential!


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