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Happy Birthday to my Husband!

As much as my husband hates celebrating his birthday each year (& the fact that I posted this photo of him), I love taking the opportunity to celebrate my wonderful man on his special day! No one likes getting older, but the way I look at it the older we get the more years I can look back on and reflect at how blessed we are. I met Andrew 8 years ago and my life was forever changed. I always tell my family and friends that you will know when you meet the right person, the person you are supposed to share your life with. When I met Andrew I knew he was my soul mate, insert mushy emoji here. He is so much more than my husband. He's my best friend and my favorite person in the whole wide world. Whether we are spending every waking moment together or seeing each other every two weeks, I know how lucky I am to share this crazy life with someone like Andrew. Not only does his career keep life interesting, but his personality is always keeping me on my toes. We compliment each other, make each other better and most of all we laugh and smile in good times and in bad. I love this man with my whole heart, more than any words can describe and hope that 27 brings him happiness, joy and most of all luck in this next year of life! Happy Birthday my love!



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