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Scout & Wrigley in a New City (Spring Training Edition)

As some of you may know, Andrew and I decided to send Scout our 7-month-old German Short Haired Pointer to hunting training. Our Scottsdale apartment is a heck of a lot quieter without him around and I am slooooowly adjusting to not having him snuggled on my neck every morning. Scout has killer birding instincts and was in his natural habitat when we dropped him off on Monday. As hard as it was to say goodbye, we know heโ€™s right where he was intended to be and we are looking forward to having a well trained hunting dog when he returns! Iโ€™m sure glad though that we have Wrigley to give us our daily dose of doggie snuggles and I think he might be enjoying having our undivided attention once again as well!

Hereโ€™s a little look at the fun the two pups had in San Diego and Scottsdale before Scout headed to hunting school!

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