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Note to Self… workout for me NOT for a particular Physique

Hello new friends, old friends, family, followers & happy holidays to you & yours,

After taking the most liberating 75-minute power vinyasa yoga class last week, I felt compelled to write this piece for my blog.

I work out every day or most days because I love it. I love the endorphin rush, I love the way sweating makes me feel, I love trying new boutique fitness classes, I love to run, I love feeling sore, I just love exercising. Now let's be real here, that's not the case for everyone. Some people dislike all the things I just listed and that's ok. We are all different. I had a realization today in my yoga class, I love working out because I workout for myself. Better yet, I do it for my wellbeing. 

I'll admit, sometimes I get caught up in working out with a specific goal in mind; losing body fat, losing weight, shedding inches, getting a 6-pack, sculpting my arms, you name it and I've probably had that goal in mind. And you know what… that's not enjoyable to me. It makes exercising feel like a job, like punishment. That's not what I love about working out. I'm not doing it to post selfies on social media, I'm not doing it to get more followers or likes, I am doing it for me, because I love to sweat once a day. It's my hobby. It's what I like doing in my spare time. It gives me energy. It makes me feel alive. And I like spreading that good feeling with the people around me and the people that like following along on my fitness journey. 

It's funny because there is not ONE RIGHT workout for everyone. Some people find their inner peace on the yoga mat, some people find that on a long run outdoors, others find it on the Pilates reformer or hanging from a pull-up bar. Everyone is different. Everyone is sweating for different reasons or maybe with goals in mind. But what I've come to realize is that sweating for yourself makes working out so much more enjoyable.

Working out for the incredible buzz you feel afterward makes every minute of that workout worth it. Mind over body is what I always say. Our mind is a powerful thing. Just a simple switch from working out for a "certain physique" or with a goal in mind to working out for yourself and how you feel afterward can change your view on working out tremendously.

Do what makes YOU happy. If that's spending 1 hour on your yoga mat 3 days a week then do that. If it's running outside for 30 minutes when you have time, then by all means get out there and run. There are so many people pushing us in all different directions in the media, internet, and TV as to where and how we should workout, when really, what matters most is what makes YOU happy. 

I share my love for fitness on my blog & social media because I hope to connect with others that share my enthusiasm for fitness.  I also enjoy hearing back from those that I’ve been able to inspire to try something new and have loved it! I don't practice yoga regularly, but when I do my body and soul appreciates it beyond belief. You don't have to be a yogi, or a runner, a bbg girl or a Crossfitter, you just need to be yourself. And if you start having that mindset during your workouts, I can guarantee that you will start enjoying them more and loving your body more.

So enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Don't worry if you "miss a workout" because you're spending time with your family. That's what the holiday season is all about. Don't feel guilty when you eat that piece of pie or holiday cookie; years and years of family traditions are found in the holiday foods we eat. Most of all, cherish the moments spent with your family & friends, they are all that matter in the end.

You will probably find me & my family sweating our way through the holidays because that's what we all like to do! But trust me, we like to eat too!!

Happy Happy Holidays to YOU & your loved ones. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season.




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