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It wasn't until I stopped obsessing over body image that I saw results

It’s funny how much a mindset can change our bodies both physically and mentally. This photo was taken a year ago when I was overly obsessed about the way my body looked. There is no way in hell I ever thought I'd show a photo like this to the internet. I'm here to share my thoughts on body image.

I’ve always been so hesitant on showing photos of my body on social media. I never wanted to seem like I was trying to get attention or likes or followers or whatever. But today after I got an overwhelming amount of comments, texts and messages about how I got my “amazing abs” I had to write something about it. I’ve had a “boy stomach” as I used to call it, since I was 10 years old. Heck, my sister called me Mikey for half of my life until I started developing some curves. I’d like to chalk these abs up to good genetics, but to be honest, I’ve worked pretty damn hard to maintain the body God has given me. I eat healthy, I work out daily, and I most importantly take care of my body. I get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night, I drink a lot of water, and above all else... I eat real food. Lately I have cared less about the way my body looks and cared more about nourishing and treating my body the right way. I have thrown out all the processed crap and instead I have fueled my body with real whole foods.

For those of you who are looking for me to teach you my ways, HERE THEY ARE:

Stop looking for a quick fix, stop dieting, stop spot training areas of your body, stop counting calories, and most importantly stop comparing yourself to other people.

Our bodies are meant to move daily, they are meant to eat real food and they are meant to be treated with tender love and care. It wasn’t until I stopped obsessing over body image that I saw results.

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