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I "upped my push pace" at Orangetheory Fitness, here's what I learned...


Here's my list of the 6 things i learned after "upping my push pace" at OTF

  1. I can run more miles than I thought! Instead of running roughly 2-3 miles, I am now averaging 3-4 a class. I upped my push pace from 8.0 mph to 9.1 and the results have been great!

  2. I can earn more splat points than I thought.  For those of you that don't do OTF, splat points are earned when your heart rate is in the orange and red zone, your anaerobic zone. Instead of earning 1-3 points, I'm now consistently earning 5-7 points per workout. 
  3. I can burn more calories than I thought. I'm now burning about 530+ per 1 hour class versus the 450-500 I used to burn. 
  4. I can get sweatier than I thought! This one makes me really happy. I've never been much of a "sweater" but lately I've been bringing an additional shirt to throw on after class because mine is now drenched!
  5. I'm faster than I thought. My all out pace is now maxing out the treadmill. I use to play it safe and hit the 10 every time we did an all out. Now I immediately go to 11.1 and add speed the duration of the all out. I always end at a 12 even if it's for the last 5, 10, or 20 seconds! 
  6. I'm in better shape than I thought. I thought I was "pushing it" at an 8.0-8.6 pace because I'd start to feel a little uncomfortable during a 2 or 3 minute push. As I have upped my pace to a 9.1-9.8, I literally count down the seconds for the push to be over. I now understand what the trainers mean when they say "get uncomfortable".

So there you have it...Ultimately I learned that I had more "in the tank" than I thought! 

I started Orangetheory in November of 2014 and have never looked back. When I am in San Diego for work, I go to OTF; when we are in Scottsdale for Spring Training, I go to OTF; when I'm home in Roseville I go to OTF; and the best news yet, I just learned that they are putting in an OTF in San Francisco!  It doesn't matter where I am, I always make a point to get the best one-hour workout in. And for me, that's at Orangetheory Fitness. 

  XX Maggie

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