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My High Altitude Orangetheory Fitness Results

Hey guys! Checking in from beautiful Colorado Springs! I just finished my 2nd Colorado Orangetheory class and it kicked my BUTT! I knew the altitude would have some sort of effect on me, but I never thought it would have a 13 splat point effect!!

It was an ESP day at OTF and we spent the first half of class on the treadmill & the second half on the weight floor. We did the endurance block on the tread, the power block on the tread & rower, and the final strength block back on the treadmill. I earned all 13 of my splat points on the treadmill.

What impressed me the most was that my heart rate stayed spiked (green zone) on the weight floor. As you can see from my Workout Summary I spent a lot of time in the green zone. We did some exercises that got my HR up (burpees & pop jacks) but for the most part I think the altitude is what kept me short of breath the majority of the workout!  As my California OTFers know, I usually earn 3-4 splat points a class and occasionally burn over 500 calories... Well Colorado exceeded my expectations as I burned 618 cals in just one class! 

You bet I'll be back to this OTF on my next Colorado Springs visit! Any chance for me to burn over 600 calories in one 60-minute workout is a win in my book!!! 



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