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I’m still upping my pace at Orangetheory, here's what I continue to learn…

So guess what? I am still pushing myself at Orangetheory Fitness. I've maintained a 9.1-9.6 push pace and now I’m pushing my all-out speed.  I try and max out the treadmill at 12 on every 30-second all-out. I've started to add incline on the 12 speed to get my heart rate up. I’ve had difficulty getting in the orange and red zone before making these changes, but I’m seeing the results now! Upping my push pace and all-out pace have suited me well. If you missed my last post on upping my push pace check it out here

Here are a few additional things I've learned since upping both my push pace and my all-out pace:

  1. My jogging pace outdoors is faster - Wrigley and I consistently run sub 8-minute miles when we go on our jogs around town... Last year we were more like an 8:10 pace.
  2. I still have to bring a change of clothes after my workout - If I plan on running errands after OTF, I always have a pair of sandals (usually my Birkenstocks) & a fresh sports bra & top to change into. Oh and a hat, no one likes sweaty, sweaty hair!
  3. Shoes matter!! - I recently tried yet another pair of shoes after I swore Nike Pegasus were my jam. Welp, I was wrong, the Nike lunars are my new jam. They are like running on pillows. No joke. I looked at my girlfriends at OTF after I ran in my new shoes for the 1st time and said HOLY COW you guys... These shoes are legit! I picked the Nike guys brain and he said any Nike shoe with the lunarlon bottom is not only supportive but provides a pillow like feel every time you pound the ground. If you need new shoes give these a try!
  4. I continue to surprise myself - Running at a 12 speed at a 6% incline seemed impossible on paper, but I've done it multiple times in the past month at OTF. Score! 
  5. Walking at a 15% incline is "harder" to me than running full speed at a smaller incline - Recently on strength days I've switched it up and started walking a 4.2-4.6 speed at a maxed out incline on my all-outs. I'm telling you this burns my legs FAR more than running full speed at say a 6% incline. Plus, walking up hills helps shape my booty & hamstrings... YES PLEASE!

Well, it just goes to show that there is always more to learn if you stay open-minded and we can always push it a little bit more, literally!




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