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Orangetheory Fitness Marathon Challenge

Photo by Nico Poalillo

Soooo my home Orangetheory Fitness studio in Roseville jumped on the OTF Marathon Challenge beginning April 15. The competitive gal in me of course signed up for the "ultra" marathon (31.1 miles in a month). As you all know, I've been logging my miles at OTF for a long time now. I must admit... it's definitely sweeter knowing that there's some meaning to each mile I run at Orangetheory this month :)

And that’s not all, there is an added incentive, if I run the furthest distance, I win a free month at OTF!!! UMMM HELLLO, saving $100+ for a month would rock. Let's be honest though, that $100 will probably go to a much-needed new pair of running shoes after I go "all out" the entire month trying to win this challenge.  

I am already 7 days (5 classes) into the challenge and have logged 11.425 miles! Be sure to check back in the next few weeks to see how my OTF Marathon Challenge is going!




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