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October Workout Summary

Lucky for me, I spent the bulk of October at home in Roseville with my little family, however the “off-season” kicked off in San Diego. I spent a week down south with my parents, sister, and best friends. I was able to pop my head into work and spend quality time with the Currie Family. I decided NOT to log my miles this month. I wanted to focus more on time spent running versus miles logged. I did a lot of running, a lot of weight lifting, and a few spin classes this October!

Check out my monthly summary below!

Run, 14 runs- I ran 3-4 days a week. I tried to get one long run in each week, most often on Sundays. I love spending my Sundays at home cooking, cleaning, and running the dogs. Not only did I plug into my Skyfit app while I ran, but I also listened to a book on tape. I actually ran for 1:30 one Sunday listening to my audio book, It Starts with Food. It was a WONDERFUL way to get outside, clear my head, and learn something new. I recommend giving an audiobook a try the next time you’re looking to switch up your runs! Here are a few of my favorites:

Fitness MD, 13 one-hour strength training sessions- I joined a new gym for this “off season”, Fitness MD. I felt as though my body needed to switch it up for a while and that’s when I came across this awesome gym. I am able to attend class 6 days a week and truly test my strength for one-hour. I have not lifted a barbell since my Oregon State days and it actually feels pretty good. These circuit training classes have a little bit of cardio mixed in, which makes me happy, because well, I am a total cardio junkie! Some days are upper body focused while others are strictly focused on the lower body or abs. Most days I like to hop on the stair master or treadmill for 10-20 minutes for a quick cardio burst to end my one-hour workout. As I type this post, I am sitting on my desk chair with an incredibly sore body due to the absolute BUTT KICKING I got at Fitness MD this weekend. Stay tuned for more Fitness MD next month!

Spin, 3 one-hour spin classes- Not only does Fitness MD offer circuit training, but every Saturday they have a spin and abs session for one-hour. Spin has been a great supplemental cardio workout for me. It saves my knees and it gives me the same “runners high”. My heart rate stays elevated the entire class, which results in a great calorie burn! If you are looking for an alternative way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, try finding a cycling studio near you.

Extra Workouts, 6- I always try to find the time to add a little something extra to my normal workout routine (running & strength training). Usually it includes yoga or Pilates. This month I was able to get to 1 Lagree fitness class at Instaphysique, 1 hot sculpt yoga class taught by my BFF Vanessa at Yoga Six, 1 21-Day fix total body cardio class done in my living room, and 3 Skyfit strength training classes also done at home! I have started putting together fitness reviews for some of my favorite at-home workouts. I travel so often that I have become accustomed to working out in my living room, hotel room, or even a random patch of grass. It seemed to make sense to share my experience with these at home workouts.  Stay tuned for more reviews next month.

Well, that’s a wrap on my October Workout Summary. I have a feeling next month will look similar since we will be living in OUR HOME for the next 3 months! Words cannot describe how good it feels to cook in my own kitchen, sleep in my own bed, and have a fitness routine to stick to 5-6 days a week!


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