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November Workout Summary

Writing down some of my December fitness goals, which includes sweating through the holiday season!

Once again I was able to spend the entire month of November in ONE city! YAHOO. For those of you that are new to Fit Meets Fab, I travel much of the year with my job & my husband’s job. But for most of October-January we get to stay put and in ONE place, making it easy to stick to a workout routine during these months. I am able to go to the same gym every morning, which I love!

Check out the variety of ways I chose to sweat this month!

Run, 12 runs- I ran 3 days a week this month. Most of my runs were 3-5 miles, with one 6-mile run. All of my outdoor runs were done with my 2 pups. They are surprisingly well behaved on their double leash. I latch them to my Flip Belt so I can run hands free. The dogs keep me company and keep me competitive, I try and race them every once in a while! The 3 of us logged 52.8 miles this month!

Fitness MD, 19 one-hour strength training sessions- as I mentioned last month, I joined Fitness MD in Roseville. Fitness MD has been good for me. I lift a lot of weights, run a lot of sprints, and push my body’s limits every day at their gym. I am also adding variety to my long distance running. I am reducing body fat, seeing muscle definition & gaining strength.

Spin, 2 one-hour spin classes- Not only does Fitness MD offer circuit training, but every Saturday they have a spin and abs session for one-hour. I missed two Saturdays this month due to a couple of weekend getaways, but I am looking forward to adding this back to my Saturday routine next month!

Orangetheory Fitness- 4 classes- OK you guys I missed OTF so much that I HAD TO add it back into my routine. I firmly believe that OTF is the best 1-hour workout in the nation. In that one hour I burn between 400-600 calories, I sweat through my clothes, and I have a complete endorphin-rush post-workout. I find that I am appreciating these workouts more now that I’ve cut back on the number of sessions I attend each week. OTF has become supplemental to Fitness MD, and I think my body likes it that way!

Extra Workouts, 17- Like last month, I tried to find the time to add a little something extra to my normal workout routine (running & Fitness MD & OTF). This month I was able to squeeze in a whopping 17 additional workouts. I do most of these on days where the lifting is light at Fitness MD or on the weekends. My extra workouts range from 20-40 minutes, enough time to break a sweat but not over work my body. I did 7 Body Boss & Kayla Itsines light-weight workouts, 2 Instaphysique megaformer classes, 1 power vinyasa yoga class, and 7 Stairmaster workouts. Why all the extra workouts you may wonder? Well I spent a lot of time cooking, baking, and eating during the Thanksgiving Holiday, so I wanted to burn a few extra calories this month. You will probably see the same sort of thing in December!

I cannot believe we are halfway through the baseball off-season and that December is here! I am looking forward to continuing to sweat through the Holiday’s especially when my family comes into town! It’s way more fun working out with friends and family :)


Happy Holidays!


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