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My Summer Skin Regimen

Now that I am experiencing a hot, hot, hot Sacramento summer, I definitely have had to be on top of my skin hydrating game. This weather is a new experience for my skin and it has been dry and ashen when I’m "lotionless". Now I am one who believes that less is more in almost every category; fashion, accessories, less meat more veggies, you catch my drift. And I’ve found the same to be true with my skin. So when it comes to skincare, I like to look around my kitchen and use what I’ve got. It’s been my experience that the less crap I buy for my skin the happier it is. I should have listened to my mom years ago. HA!

Since eliminating various lotions, face scrubs, exfoliating beads etc., I have noticed that:

A)    My face has fewer breakouts. Less is more! Now I simply wash my face with a bar of Dove soap and my own two clean hands… occasionally I will use my Clarisonic to get a nice deep clean.

B)    I have more money in my bank account. Skincare is EXPENSIVE! Now when my skin is in need of some love, I resort to my kitchen pantry. The concoctions are endless!

C)    For me... the natural way is truly the best way!

So, as this 100-degree Sacramento summer has officially done a number on my skin, I have learned a thing or two about hydrating my skin, before, during and after my showers.

Here is my regimen:

I start by dry-brushing my body head to toe. Dry brushing is a great way to unclog pores and release toxins that are trapped in our skin. Next I hop in the shower and apply my latest obsession, one I stumbled across in Elle MagazineDIY Cellulite Coffee Scrub.  I not only love this recipe for the noticeable results, but because it includes 3 ingredients that I regularly keep in my pantry!

  • 1 cup coffee grounds
  • 6 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp. sugar

I like to apply this scrub before I actually turn on the shower. This gives me the same exfoliating feel that dry brushing does, but adds the caffeine benefits of increasing circulation & plumping up the skin. Although this method will not eliminate cellulite, it will temporarily reduce the appearance it. Who doesn’t want that! Next I rinse the coffee scrub from my skin. Since this recipe has coconut oil in it, your skin will feel smooth after you rinse. I then rub my Dove-soaked loofa from head to toe, making sure that I’ve thoroughly rinsed all the coffee grounds from my skin. Once I shut off the shower, I immediately apply coconut oil everywhere on my body (except for my face, remember that whole breakout thing). At this point… both Wrigley and Scout (my two dogs) are standing outside the shower door waiting for their little scoop of coconut oil. If you missed my post on the benefits of coconut oil, check it out here.

After I pat myself dry with my designated coconut oil towel (yep, I have one specifically for coco oil) I wrap myself in my robe and let coconut oil’s wonderful features hydrate my skin. One last skincare tip… drink lots and lots of H.2.O! It’s as simple as that!




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