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2016 Running Essentials

With the New Year is upon us I decided to revisit one of my favorite posts - My "Run Day" Essentials. 2015 was the best year yet, but with the wedding, buying a new house, the holidays, a small injury and everything in between, I got away from my running routine with Wrigley. Im back now and some of my "go-to" items have changed a bit from a year ago but all the basics are still there. What can I say; I am a creature of habit.

Sparkly Soul Headband- If I’m not running in a hat, I like to wear headband. While I like the silicone grip headbands because they don't slip, I noticed some of my hair thinning towards my forehead. For Christmas this year I received a new headband from Athleta made by Sparkly Soul and I'll be the first to tell you that, IT ROCKS! The velvet on the inside of the headband keeps it in place on my long runs and keeps all the hair out of my face without ripping out my baby hairs. I have the wide satin band in bright yellow & I love it!

Powerbeats Wireless Headphones- I cannot believe that I have been running WITH wires all my life. Wireless headphones are literally the most ingenious idea for runners. I love the Beats model because they hook right behind my ear and do not shift at all during my runs. I am able to sync these bad boys with my iPod nano or iPhone via Bluetooth and listen to music the duration of my run. 

In my Nike Pegasus 32!

In my Nike Pegasus 32!

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32- Last year I wrote about my obsession with my Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 shoe and guess what... this year NOTHING HAS CHANGED, except now its the Pegasus 32. After many pairs of running shoes worn throughout my athletic career, I have settled on two pairs of shoes that I like to alternate between. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 running shoe offers great support for my high arch and is perfect for my long distance runs. The other shoe I LOVE is the Nike Free (who doesn't?). I prefer doing Orange Theory Fitness in this shoe because it is lightweight and allows a little more flexibility on the floor exercises. If I am running 6 days a week, I usually do 3 days in my Frees and the other 3 days in the Pegasus. That way I don’t totally wear down one pair due to the high mileage, and it gives my legs a little different feel from day to day. 


Apple Sport Watch-  I am not here to give an official review on the Apple watch. I will tell you though that I love mine, especially for working out. For running purposes the Apple Watch has a Workout App that lets you choose from a variety of workouts, one being the outdoor run. The watch tells me how far Ive run, my heart rate, and how many calories Ive burned. The watch picks up my your heart rate from the pulse on my wrist and I have to say it's pretty dang accurate. I have compared my heart rate on my watch to the heart rate monitor I wear at Orange Theory Fitness & they always match up perfectly. I have also compared my GPS on my watch to the GPS on the Map My Run app on my phone and again they link perfectly. Now I can comfortable run with my watch, my iPhone, & my beats & trust that my watch is tracking my run accurately. 

Lululemon Energy Bra-  Finding a ta-ta tamer is different for everyone. I personally like the lululemon sports bras. I have a few, but my favorite hands down is the Energy Bra. Not just because it has the fun crisscross back design,  but also because it's extremely supportive. This bra holds everything in place. If you are between two sizes I'd advise sizing down, this will guarantee that you are keeping everything neatly tucked away

Wearing Nike Elite Cushioned Sock

Wearing Nike Elite Cushioned Sock

Running Socks- I am super-dee-duper picky when it comes to the socks I choose to run in. I don’t like them showing above my shoes, but I don’t want them slipping down in my shoe. There really is no winning. Luckily, I have discovered 3 socks that I can work with. Last year I only ran in the Road Runner Drymax socks. Then I was given a pair of Lululemon Speed Socks as a gift and I began to love those too. Today I continue to run in both brands & added one more to my rotation, the Nike Elite Cushioned sock.  All 3 brands have some cushion, they are extremely form fitting and guess what, they don’t show over my shoes! If you are looking to save some money go the Road Runner route. You can get a pack of 3 for $30. The Nike & Lululemon run from $14-$16 a pair.

Flip Belt- The Flip Belt is the newest addition to my running essentials. I bought it more or less to hold my iPhone 6+. Why do I run with this big ol' phone you may ask? Well it has Spotify for one, which has tons of workout playlists. I can hook it up to my Apple watch via Bluetooth and see my notifications right on my wrist. If I want a distraction free run, I just silence my watch and phone. The Flip Belt not only is a place for me to put my phone, but also doggy poop bags, my keys & sometimes tissues (I have a runny nose issue)!




These items really do make my long laborious runs THAT much more enjoyable... Wrigley does too! He also ups my pace about 10-20 seconds. So I hope I’ve inspired some of you to invest in something new or to simply lace up your shoes and go for a run!



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