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March Workout Summary

I spent the entire month of March in one place, Scottsdale, AZ! Not traveling makes working out SO much easier to schedule! I was able to get 4-5 OTF workout’s in each week as well as 3-4 runs with Wrigley.

Check out my monthly workout summary below!

Orangetheory Fitness- 19 classes, once again OTF was my #1 workout this month by a landslide. It never gets old because the workouts change everyday. Endurance and ESP days are by FAR my favorite! I have been enjoying my workouts even more now that I switched from the heart rate strap to the new heart rate wrist band OTF offers! It seems like my HR and calorie count are much more accurate now. An extra bonus in Scottsdale was that I attended the OTF classes w/ my favorite baseball ladies making the workout wayyyy more fun!

Yoga - 5 classes, I enjoyed going to Sumits Yoga at least once a week while in Scottsdale. I found myself going on most Sunday mornings. Yoga is such a wonderful way to start the day :)

Kayla Itsines- 7 workouts, I missed a few Kayla workouts this month, which is something I am not proud of. We had a few house guests during the last 2 weeks of Spring Training and I was only able to get 1 workout in a day. I chose to do OTF or run Wrigley instead of doing Kayla Itsines in my living room. I am going to re-start weeks 9-12 on April 4 so I can start fresh with Week 1 in May!

Outdoor Run- 12 runs, I upped my outdoor runs again this month! I love seeing this number grow. I have to say the nice weather always helps get me outside for a jog :) Wrigley ran most of these runs with me, except for my longest run of the month, 6 miles.

Walking the Dog- 7 long walks, now that Scout is at hunting training, a lot of my longer walks turned into jogs with Wrigley. We hiked Camelback Mountain 3 times, which was a tough uphill climb for both of us. I think that mountain was Wrigley’s favorite part of Scottsdale. There were so many new sights, smells, and critters for him to lock in on!

Total Mileage118.28 miles. This is a combination of the mileage I ran at OTF, outdoors, & from my long walks with the dog. I logged 23.76 more miles than I did last month!






Once again, I tracked this month’s workouts on my desk calendar (a smaller version since we’re not home in Roseville)! I am a firm believer in writing down your workouts. Let’s be honest it’s much easier to forget you’ve missed a workout if it has simply been deleted from your phone (hiding the evidence that it ever really existed) verses the permanent visual of the black line-through in your daily planner…just sayin’!  Happy April!



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