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July Workout Summary

It’s no secret that I like to workout. Whether it’s a Barre class, a run outside with my dogs, or a low impact class like Pilates or Yoga I try to sweat once a day. Well to be honest, I’ve been sweating once a day anyways due to this 100+ degree Sacramento heat! My July workout summary looks a bit different than my past monthly summaries, as I have cut running out of my workout plan as of late. I am proud to say that I have not run outside or on a treadmill in 2 weeks. It’s time for me to tackle this IT Band injury once and for all.

I’ve opted for lower impact cardio options like the elliptical, biking and walking. You may be shocked to see that I still logged close to 100 miles this month without running. I’ve been doing a whole lot of walking instead. Now that both of my pups are back in the house, I try to take them on an hour-long walk twice a day. The three of us generally log 5+ miles-a-day.


Miles logged= 99.77


Orangetheory Fitness- 8 classes, I went twice a week religiously to OTF. I’ve been switching up my workout routine a bit, adding some lower impact exercise classes, but I couldn’t completely cut out my favorite 1-hour workout!


Instaphysique- 8 classes, Oh baby if you have never taken a megaformer class you are missing out. It’s pretty much a Pilates reformer class on steroids. Instaphysique is a new studio here in Sacramento that specializes in the Lagree Fitness Method (details here). I signed up for a new-member 1-month unlimited membership midway through July and went 3-4 times a week. Lots of lengthening, strengthening and shaking of the muscles during this class! Let’s just say I am pretty much hooked.


Cardio Barre- 4 classes, this new Cardio Barre class I discovered at Fitness Rangers is killer. The instructor Molly literally kicks your booty. Imagine a Barre class with steps, weights, jumping, and resistance bands. I don’t usually need to stop and take a break during my workouts… but in Molly’s Cardio Barre classes, I ALWAYS do!


They aren't as innocent as they look!

In-Home-Workouts- 11 workouts, whether a Beachbody DVD, a Kayla Itsines workout OR a quick HIIT workout that I found on the internet, I spent quite a bit of time this month working-out in my nice air conditioned living room. Why??? A) It was so dang hot outside and B) I had MY two 2 pups and was puppy sitting another. As you can imagine, I didn’t want to leave the house for long…who knows what I might have come home too!


Yoga- 2 classes, although I attended very few yoga classes this month, my body sure did appreciate them! One day I literally stopped everything I was doing, found a class at a local studio and walked in as a drop in student because my body just NEEDED a yoga fix, badly! My bod felt so good afterward.

***As a rule… before bed each night I try to do a few Sun Salutations, foam roll, and stretch with my yoga strap. There’s really no better way to end a day :)


Spin- 1 class, I took 1 spin class this month and LOVED IT! I think spin may be my best low impact cardio option while I rest my IT Band.


I am looking forward to trying out a few new studios this next month while I continue to keep my running to a minimum. As always, I encourage you to record your workouts on a calendar and log your miles. Actually, I CHALLENGE you to make August an accountability month, holding yourself accountable to your daily workouts, logging your miles, AND eating clean. Let’s see what our results are come September 1!



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