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Hiking Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods

As most of you know, life threw us a curveball Monday, August 1 at the MLB trade deadline. After being drafted by the SF Giants in 2011, Andrew has spent the past 5 years playing in their system. On August 1, he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. This landed us in Colorado Springs, CO with their AAA team on Tuesday, August 2. I wasn't kidding when I said life threw us a curveball.

I've been traveling to Colorado, California and the midwest the past 3 weeks, racking up miles on my Capital One Venture card! Since being back in Colorado Springs, I've been trying to explore this beautiful city as much as possible. As we already know, life can change any minute in a baseball career so I want to take advantage of whatever time we have here. 

Manitou Incline

As a cardio junkie, I've been hiking and running many of the beautiful. The views here are incredible. Colorado reminds me so much of Oregon (where I spent my 4 college years) except it has a much higher altitude. I mean MUCH HIGHER! I climbed the Manitou incline and was quickly short of breath. The hike up was "only" a 1 mile climb on a long stretch of stairs but at the finish I was huffing and puffing at 2,000ft elevation! Beginning with the walk from my car to the stair climb, to climbing the incline, to jogging the trail down, I logged quite a few miles at a significant elevation! From start to finish my day at the Manitou Springs incline was roughly 5.25 miles long.

My view from the parking lot, look at that climb!!

On my way up the steep stairs

On my way up the steep stairs

Panoramic view from the top of the Incline!

Manitou Incline

Selfie from the top of the Incline, I was huffing and puffing

Another place I visited was the Garden of the Gods. A much less intense hike, but just as beautiful. The red rock formations were breathtaking. After hiking around the rocks, I headed to the Chambers/Bretag/Palmer trail where I jogged 3 miles winding through more mountainous views! This was another 5-mile day!

Walking towards the rock formations

The most beautiful running trails!

Garden of the Gods

To say I'm making the most of my time here in Colorado Springs in an understatement. If I've learned anything about this lifestyle, it's to never take anything for granted because life can change dramatically with just one phone call!




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