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February Workout Summary

February kicked off a busy travel season for me. This month I spent 1 week at our home in Roseville, 1 week at my parent’s house in San Diego and the remainder of this month has been spent in Scottsdale. Good news is… we will be here the entire month of March! It’s much easier to get into an exercise, sleeping, and eating routine when you’re in one place. But I didn’t let that stop me this February! 

Here is a breakdown of my February Workout Summary!

Orangetheory Fitness- 16 classes, lucky for me I was able to attend a variety of OTF studios during my travels this month! I had to say goodbye to my people in Roseville, but got to say hello to some familiar faces at the Poway, Carmel Valley & Encinitas studios in San Diego! I am fortunate that, there is an OTF studio right across the street from our place in Scottsdale. I go 3 to 4 times a week with my baseball girls!

Yoga/Sculpt- 3 classes, Once again I fell short in the yoga department this month. On a positive note, I bought a Groupon for 10 classes at a kick-ass yoga studio here in Scottsdale, Sumits Yoga. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sweaty after a hot vinyasa class in my life! My goal is to go 2-3 times a week while I’m here.

Barre- 2 classes, these two barre classes took place at my home studio in Roseville, Body Heat. Some of my girlfriends attend Barre3 here in Arizona so I am looking forward to jumping in a few of their classes!

Kayla Itsines- 12 workouts, besides OTF, I was most consistent with the Kayla Itsines workouts again this month. I did 3 circuits a week for 4 weeks. I’ve been able to do my Kayla workouts in our living room here in Scottsdale. The dogs always try to join in :)

Outdoor Run- 8 runs, I doubled my runs from last month, hooray! I’ve been lucky enough to have the PERFECT running weather since arriving in Scottsdale. While the mornings have been ideal temperatures for a run, I’ve opted to walk the dogs and drink my coffee during that time. Wrigley and I have instead been enjoying pre-dinner runa around 5:30pm a few times a week. That way Andrew can watch Scout while we are gone… can’t trust that pup yet!

Walking the Dogs- 8 walks, while I walk the dogs everyday, I decided to start tracking our longer walks on my Apple Watch. Like I mentioned earlier, my morning routine has become walking the dogs for about 2 miles while sipping on my coffee. It's been the perfect way to start my day!

Total Mileage94.52 miles. This is a combination of the mileage I ran at OTF, with Wrigley outdoors, & from my long walks with both pups.


Once again, I tracked this month’s workouts on my desk calendar (a smaller version since we’re on the road)! I am a FIRM believer in writing down your workouts. It's so much easier to ignore you’ve missed a workout if it has simply been deleted from your phone (hiding the evidence that it ever really existed) verses the permanent visual of the black line-through in your daily planner!

Happy March!

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