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Easy BBG Modifications for Jumping & Bench Work

After moving into a 4th floor extended stay hotel room for 6 weeks, I’ve noticed that my BBG workouts need to be modified a bit. For all of you living in an upstairs floor apartment, condo, or hotel room, you know that jumping exercises are pretty much impossible. That got my wheels spinning and me thinking about modifications for BBG workouts, not only jumping but bench-work as well.


*These modifications are also great for anyone that experiences pain when they jump and/or that performs their BBG workouts at home with limited equipment.

  • Toe lifts or calf raises as an alternative to jumps- good for exercises like jump squats, X-jumps, and sumo squat jumps
  • Mini trampoline (I got mine at Walmart for $35)- good for ANY exercise that involves jumping. The trampoline allows for lower impact workouts (your neighbor below will thank you). Exercises like skipping (without a rope), burpee broad jumps, X-jumps, tuck jumps, and jump squats can all be performed on a trampoline
  • Step in-and-out on burpees and snap jumps versus jumping in-and-out, adding weights will increase the difficulty of this exercise. For burpees, I like to use two 10 pound weights. My hands stay on the dumbbells always. First step-out with one foot and then the other and back in. You should be in a good deep squat position when your feet reach your hands. Slowly perform a deadlift and squeeze your glutes firmly at the top. Finally and slowly perform the deadlift back to the bottom before returning to your modified stepping burpee. This will take a little longer than a typical burpee but it’s a great full body move. Add a pushup at the bottom for extra upper body work!
  • Use a table, chair, or couch for bench exercises- good for step ups, knee ups, raised reverse lunges, scissor kicks, leg raises, double bench squats, split squats, triceps dips, pushup modifications, and sit-ups with a twist, snap jump knee ups (I’m sure I’m missing a few exercises).

I hope these 4 tips will help you during your 12-week BBG journey. Especially for those working out in confined quarters or nursing an injury! My best advice… get a dang mini trampoline. I use mine daily. It’s great for detoxing the lymphatic system and has been a savior as I workout in my hotel room. This simple piece of equipment has totally transformed my workouts for the better!


Good luck!

Resistance Tubing Trampoline Workout