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August Workout Summary

With the August 1st trade, Andrew and I packed up our lives, leaving Roseville and headed to the Brewers AAA team in Colorado Springs. As you might imagine I had to get creative with my workouts being on the road once again. Luckily every hotel had an adequate gym with cardio equipment and dumbbells. Best of all, Colorado Springs is home to a few Orangetheory Studios. I was able to attend a couple of classes when the team was in town! Check out my August summary below!

Elliptical, 7 workouts - The start of the month, I was relying heavily on the elliptical as my cardio. I had recently seen a chiropractor for my IT Band Syndrome and he recommended cutting-out running for a while. After taking it easy for the latter part of July/early August and using Andrew’s new Marc Pro Plus stim machine, my IT Band has never felt better. Knowing I was going to be on the road most of the month, I downloaded a 7-day free trial of the SkyFit App. This app provides, “on demand audio fitness that combines the guidance of a trainer with a playlist to give you a fresh way to work out.” After using it a few times while on the elliptical and the treadmill I was hooked. I signed up for the app and have been using it ever since. It definitely gives me the group-workout feel when actually I am all-alone in a hotel gym. The instructors and music are inspiring and the workouts seem to fly by.

Treadmill, 12 workouts- I did some sort of tread workout every other day and used the Skyfit App most of the time. The app offers great walking and running workouts. I did everything from a power-walk with incline, an hour-long interval run, a short 25-minute interval/incline run, speed training, and long slow jogs. You can see from this month’s mileage that I really racked up some miles on the treadmill! I forgot how much I loved the tread :) Check out my post run core blast here!

7 Outdoor Walks/Runs/Hikes- This number is a bit lower than usual. Texas and Oklahoma’s heat and humidity definitely curbed my outdoor workouts. I was, however, able to enjoy beautiful Colorado Springs. Case in point, check out my post on hiking this beautiful city.

Orangetheory Fitness, 5 classes- I was able to attend OTF in San Diego and Colorado. I was shocked at how the altitude affected my Performance Summary at OTF in Colorado Springs. Check out my post here.

Kayla Itsines BBG, 10 workouts- While on the road this month, the BBG workouts came in handy. I coupled my shorter cardio days with a 28-minute BBG workout. I just finished week 5 and my legs are S.O.R.E (week 5 is by far my favorite leg day). My new running plan was this month’s focus so I didn’t follow the exact BBG guidelines. I did, however, try to get 2-3 Kayla strength training days in each week. I decided to only do the leg/cardio and abs/full body days, cutting out the arm days. I felt that I got plenty of arm work in at OTF and if not I added 10 pushups into my workout. For the most part I stuck to the general BBG layout, 4 rounds of the 7-minute circuit, occasionally I workout in a Tabata format, 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 32 minutes. This allowed me to do each of the 8 exercises for 4 minutes (20 on 10 off). My thought? I just wanted to switch it up and try something different, plus I love Tabata styled workouts!!

Miles Logged- 135.14

I am looking forward to seeing what my September workout summary brings!



September Workout Summary

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