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At-Home Workout Review- Skyfit Bootylicious

I am serving up my first At-Home Workout Review for you all! As I expressed last week, I wanted to start writing reviews for some of the workouts I like to do at home (wherever home may be at any given time). As most of you know, we live in 3 different cities throughout the year, and travel a lot, which makes sticking to a workout routine pretty difficult. During my travels, I have come across numerous workouts that are easy to do in my living room, a hotel room, or even outside on a patch of grass.  Naturally, I wanted to share my favorites with all of my followers!

First up on my At-Home Workout Review is a Skyfit strength training class, Bootylicious.

Instructor: Jaime McFaden

Challenge Level (10 being the most difficult): 3/10

Fitness Level: All

Workout Type: Lower body, emphasis on glutes

Equipment: None

Duration: 15 minutes

Price: free iTunes download, 1 month- $9.99/mo; 3 months- $8.33/mo; 12 months $4.16/mo

  OR use my code, MAGGIESUSACCLUB for your first month free!

Review: This review is just a glimpse into the entire Skyfit app. “Skyfit delivers on-demand audio fitness that combines the guidance of a trainer with the perfect playlist to give you a fresh way to work out.” This app gives you the feeling of being in a boutique fitness class, even though you are working out alone. In the comfort of my own living room, I turned my Skyfit app on and completed the Bootylicious workout in 15 short minutes. I chose to do this quick body weight glute workout after an outdoor run, adding some strength training to my cardio routine.  If 15-minutes is not enough for you, try doing Bootylicious twice, OR choosing another Skyfit strength training class from their long list. This short lower body workout is perfect for someone in a hurry, who's looking to get a quick sweat in at their lunch break or before heading to work!

Please feel free to email me at Maggie@fitmeetsfab.com with questions about my At-Home Workout Reviews, or if you are interested in signing up for Skyfit!




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