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At-Home Workout Review- Aaptiv Nothing in my Way

Instructor: Rochelle Moncourtois

Challenge Level (10 being the most difficult): 7/10

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Workout Type: Outdoor run

Equipment: None

Duration: 27 minutes

Price: free iTunes download, 1 month- $9.99/mo; 3 months- $8.33/mo; 12 months $4.16/mo

  OR use my code, MAGGIESUSACCLUB for your first month free!

Review: This 27-minute outdoor run is a mix of sprints, tempo pace and jogging, which is the best way to build your endurance and speed! Not only will this run elevate your heart rate, but the pop playlist will keep you engaged the entire run! I love when instructors time sprints & jogs with their music, and that's exactly what Rochelle did. I lost track of time because I was singing along during the run. I had my two dogs running with me and they thoroughly enjoyed "sprinting it out" multiple times. I added 3 additional minutes to this outdoor run and logged just about 3.75 miles. This was my first Aaptiv workout in 2017 and it rocked! Aaptiv is, "An on-demand audio fitness that combines the guidance of a trainer with the perfect playlist to give you a fresh way to work out." Check out some of my other At-Home Workout Reviews below!

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