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April Workout Summary

I traveled a bit during the month of April. I spent a week and a half in San Diego and the rest of the month in Roseville. The weather was great in both locations allowing me to spend lots of time outside running with Wrigley! As you'll see April’s workout summary almost mirrors March's, but I’ve got some new things brewing in the month of May! Stay tuned!!! 

Here's my April Workout Summary!

Orangetheory Fitness- 18 classes, once again OTF was my main workout this month, but are we surprised? It's been fun to particiapte in the marathon challenge at my home studio in Roseville. Be sure to check back in in a few weeks to see how I did!

Bootcamp - 6 classes, 3 classes were taken in San Diego at Yoga 6 with my favorite instructor… my BFF Vanessa! The other 3 were taken at Body Heat Hot Yoga and Pilates studio in Rocklin! Both classes were in a heated room which I love! Not only do I love to sweat once a day but sometimes twice! Okay, most days twice. These boot camp classes are great because they help build lean muscle, they really work your core, and they include short cardio bursts! Bootcamps are an overall total body workout, which is just my cup of tea!

Kayla Itsines- 8 workouts, instead of fully completing the Kayla Itsines BBG, I finished weeks 9-12 just doing the abs and legs. I felt this was enough given the intensity and number of other classes I attended. When OTF leg work was light, I'd go home and do a Kayla leg day (my favorite)! I found myself doing the ab days while I watched a show on Netflix or one of Andrew’s baseball games! Killin' two birds with one stone!

Outdoor Run- 11 runs, I always love running on the 101 in San Diego, which I did multiple times while down south visiting my family. My sister and Wrigley always accompanied me which made the runs that much more enjoyable. I added a few longer runs this month, two 6 mile runs and one 7 mile run… plus lots of 3-4 milers!

Barre- 4 classes, I swapped yoga for barre this month. I was back at one of my favorite studios, Body Heat Hot Yoga and Pilates. They have one of the best barre classes in part because the room is heated! While the bar is working my tiny itty bitty leg muscles... the heat is giving me an even better workout! I attended just 4 classes at the end of the month and my legs got all the shakes they were missing while in AZ!

Total Mileage– 106.265 miles. This is a combination of the mileage I ran at OTF and outdoors. This number was a little lower than last month, but anything over 100 miles logged is good for me!

Don’t forget to track your workouts, miles, and now WATER CONSUMPTION this month!! 




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