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Aaptiv Top 10

I had the opportunity to create a Top 10 list for my friends over at Aaptiv as their latest Curator Playlist. I had so much fun compiling a list for them that I decided to make an even larger list of all my favorite Aaptiv workouts! If you have the Aaptiv App check out my playlist right there on your phone. If you are not an Aaptiv member yet, here are my short write ups on some of the cardio & strength training workouts Aaptiv has to offer! 


No Excuses- This Marq Brown workout is no joke. 1 hour of speed and endurance is a major calorie burner. The switch between increasing the incline and speed makes this 1-hour run fly by!

Hollaback Walk- Rochelle Moncourtois workout is great for pre or post run! If you want a nice long cool down after a hard workout, try this 20-minute walking progression.

Treadmill Country- I love me some country music and Candice Cunningham hits the nail on the head with this fun interval run! The incline stays low the entire time, giving your legs free range to run as fast as they can!


Total Body Dance- Jessica Muenster’s elliptical session was my first workout on Aaptiv and it instantly got me hooked. This 40-minute-long workout is a high-incline interval session that will leave your thighs burning and heart rate elevated! My favorite!

Country Roads- Again Candice Cunningham knows the key to my heart with these country jams. I love using a more moderate elliptical session like this for my rest and recovery days to get the lactic acid out of my system.

Climber Not Quitter- Jessica Muenster may be my favorite Aaptiv instructor. Her high energy is infectious and she leads a killer workout! This intermediate elliptical session is just 25 minutes and follows a pretty standard 1 minute on 1 minute off sequence between higher and lower resistances.

Outdoor Run:

Lower Body Burn- Candice Cunningham’s combo of jogging and sprinting in this quick 30-minute run is great for a lower mileage run day. Having someone in your ear telling you when to jog and sprint is a much more enjoyable way to spend a fartlek run outside.

All Out Pop- Pop to you drop on this killer 50-minute run! Candice Cunningham guides you through a jog, run, sprint sequence with short recoveries to keep your heart rate elevated. This was a GREAT interval training run during my half-marathon training.

Pavement Pace- Sometimes all you need is a short, quick, and quite 25-minute jog to get out of the house and decompress. This run is exactly that. I could run this Jessica Muenster run every day with my two dogs in tow if you asked me to!

Hiit Hop- Megan Takacs leads an AWESOME intermediate quick paced 30-minute run. This workout has you holding tempo paces for longer durations to elevate your speed and endurance!

Intro Endurance Builder- Sometimes all I want to do is just shut my mind off and go on a nice steady-pace run and be done. That is exactly what Candice has put together for this endurance builder 4-minute workout. This was a perfect run for me and my two dogs!

Runners Dance- Jamie McFaden’s short 25-minute workout has an awesome playlist that will make you want to sing and dance the whole time. This run was a nice 25-minute jog with a few 30-second sprints thrown in!

Strength Training:

Bootlicious- I just incorporated Aaptiv’s strength training into my schedule and Jamie McFaden’s lower body workout was a great way to ease in. My thighs and booty were burning just from this short 15-minute session! When time is of the essence, this is a quick and easy booty burner.

Ten Minutes of Glory- Short and sweet, Amanda Murdock will kill your core with this 10-minute core blast. I love ending a long cardio session with a quick core workout like this!

Tabata Work- Never done a tabata workout? Well Marq Brown’s 25-minute tabata session is great for beginners! I love tabata workouts, as they test both strength and endurance with body weight exercises and short recoveries (30 seconds on 15 off for example). This class uses general fitness moves (pushups, sit-ups, lunges, etc.) which makes this workout perfect for all fitness levels!


Aaptiv has been such a wonderful addition to my workout regimen. Running has never been more enjoyable for me. I credit Aaptiv whole heartedly for pushing my limits and getting me to love running again!

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