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5-Minute Bosu Ball Core Blast

Have you ever wondered what to do on those big bosu balls at the gym? Well, look no further than my quick 5-minute core blast that incorporates the bosu ball with every move. I like to end ALL of my workouts with a short core series. I demonstrate all of the moves in my video, but I cut the reps down to keep the video short and sweet! Enjoy!

20 sit-ups (sitting on ball)

20 ab bikes (sitting on ball)

10 V-Ups (ball between feet, for an added challenge try passing the ball between your hands and your feet on each rep)!

20 side plank squeeze Right (ball between feet)

20 side plank squeeze Left (ball between feet)

10 ball roll outs (ball under forearms)

10 pike to plank (toes on top of ball)

High plank (hands on the ground) with your toes on top of the ball until time is up



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