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An Open Letter From Fit Meets Fab

What is Fit Meets Fab?

I started this blog as a place to share my passion for fitness, food, and fashion. At one point I wondered if I should focus on just one area, but then realized I have 100% fused all these areas to create a lifestyle. Sometimes fitness drives my food & fashion and other times fashion will dictate my food & fitness.  You get the idea :)

Fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I not only played multiple sports my entire life, I was a student of the game. You could even say I was a bit of a sports junky. My social life in high school definitely came in second behind weekends spent traveling to various So Cal softball locations. That dedication officially paid off earning me a full ride scholarship to play softball at Oregon State University. As a bonus, I met my husband at OSU too! Today I have become a bit of a fitness fanatic, sweating a least once a day. If I’m not running with Wrigley then I’m likely attending Orange Theory Fitness, a Barre or Sculpt class, doing a Kayla Itsines workout (in my living room or hotel room), and sometimes ending the day in a warm yoga studio. I've found a way whether at home or on the road to feed my fitness habits. Sweating is my favorite way to start & sometimes end a day! 

Food did not take precedence in my life until 2011. A nutritionist visited our OSU softball team, teaching us how food could fuel our bodies as athletes. I was fascinated. I began reading more books, taking nutrition courses, finding recipes & becoming a health food addict. I learned how to cook more than just pasta & Top Ramen (gag! I know) & I embraced the importance of proper nutrition in my life. I was even able to inspire many of my teammates & coaches to embrace a healthier eating lifestyle. I’ve continued to share my knowledge & passion for food with my entire family and I thoroughly love preparing nutritious meals for my hubby and I.

I think my love of fashion might be in my DNA. For as long as I can remember I've loved clothes! Now… 99% of the time I'm in my workout clothes but hey they can be stylish too! After years of buying into trends that come and go, I’ve honed my personal style. My style consists of closet staples… lots of neutral colors, lots of denim, a pop of floral & things I can dress up or down. I am a practical shopper. Living in 3 cities during the year with all sorts of temperatures, I like to buy things I can wear all year round. Let’s be honest, if the summer dress I wear during Spring Training in Arizona can be worn with tights and boots in the fall and winter, that's a win win for me! 

With Fits Meets Fab I’m excited to share how I’ve managed to stay fit, eat healthy, and hopefully look good doing it…all while living out of a suitcase 8 months of the year. I too travel quite a bit for work, about 3 months of the year. I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to work remotely and keep my little family together year round. I also know first hand how hard it is to stay consistent with your diet & exercise while living life on the road.  I’ve found ways to workout each day even if for just 10 minutes, I meal prep and take my own dinners to the ballpark & have learned how to pack my suitcase wisely (sort of)! ok… my hubby would probably disagree! :) So whether you travel for work or live on the move, I hope you find some inspiration from Fit Meets Fab to make this lifestyle the best it can be!

I am always open to comments and feedback and would love to hear from my readers! I encourage you to subscribe to Fit Meets Fab and follow my crazy life on the road. I am a girl on the go who loves her 5 F’s (family, faith, fitness, food & fashion) & sharing her travel tips and tricks with you!